Monday, May 10, 2010

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Tomato Slices and Sweet Cherry Peppers

The Outdoor Grill is a barbecue restaurant on the west side of Los Angeles in Culver City.  They serve awesome pulled pork sandwiches, among many other dishes. [Edit: the Outdoor Grill no longer sells pulled pork sandwiches].

We do not try to make ours taste like theirs (we like to go there for theirs instead - their bbq sauce rocks!), but we have been inspired by them to make these sandwiches at home.

My husband is the master behind this adventure and always manages to conjure up some great tasting meat!  I say conjure because it is like magic. 

He makes his pulled pork in our slow cooker.  So, by the time we come home from work, our house smells heavenly.  [If you don't use a slow cooker to cook, do yourself a favor and try it sometime.  Coming home to dinner cooking is very comforting and immediately makes your mouth water.]

He changes up the ingredients he uses regularly, and only gives me a basic idea of what he does.  But I'll leave him his "secrets" so long as he keeps these coming -- these sandwiches always come out tasting fabulous!

Today, he says he prepared his pork this way:

On the bottom of the slow cooker, he put crushed garlic and sliced jalapenos.

He placed the pork shoulder roast on top.

Over the roast, he poured worchestershire sauce, lemon juice, molasses, soy sauce, and barbecue sauce.

Then he used some of our herbs from our garden on top: two generous sprigs of rosemary and a handful of cilantro.

He put the roast on to cook for about 10 hours, on the low setting.  Four hours into the cooking time, he turned the roast over.

He pulled the roast out of the slow cooker and put it on a cutting board we use for meats.  He cut off the excess fat and pulled the stems and pieces of herbs away from the meat.

Then he used a knife to hold the meat and a fork to pull it apart.

We served the pulled pork sandwiches with slices from the first tomato from our garden this year.  And I had some sweet cherry peppers as well.

I am normally not a raw tomato eater, but these were really good. 

While eating this  -- with the pickles and the sweet cherry peppers -- I remembered a post I read awhile back on someone's blog about their love of all things pickled.  The post was mostly about how to make kimchee,  and I am so bummed that I can't find it.  I had thought to make it sometime and try it on these sandwiches!

[Bookmark, Cheryl, bookmark!]

While looking for it though, I see that Wandering Chopsticks has a few different recipes.  Maybe I'll peruse the site and figure out a good one to try!  I'm so lost with this though, because I've never had any version and there are so many (unless I had some years ago with my Dad and Mr. Kim in Koreatown?  No matter, I've obviously forgotten so it is like starting from scratch).

I guess I will have to try them all to find out which one works best.

Oh, the sacrifices we have to make in this life :)


  1. I do love all things pickled, but I think you might have been thinking of Tea and Cookies' and her post about VNese do chua ie. pickled stuff?

    Also, I'm really confused? I could've sworn I saw another blog of someone in Oklahoma who was attempting to cook every cuisine once a week from A to Z too?

  2. Hi Wandering Chopsticks :)

    You are absolutely right, it was a Tea and Cookies post I was thinking about. I guess I got to that site from the WhiteonRiceCouple's site at some point(?) since I've been reading their blog for awhile and I see a mention of them in the post. I tend to wander off linking from blog to blog, with whatever catches my eye, and I don't always remember where I saw what. Anyhow, I just went there and, I did find the exact post I was thinking about! Thank you so much!

    As for the Oklahoma blog, I hope they have had better luck with it than me :) I now just hope to eventually "get around" the world at a more reasonable pace. At the rate I'm going, the trip is going to take me about 36 years. LOL