Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yellowtail Teriyaki

Yellowtail Teriyaki

It's cool how things happen sometimes.

Some people I know go fishing regularly off the coast of California.  Today, they were kind enough to share with me (a truly novice fish preparer) with some very fresh yellowtail to experiment on.  They both love to fish and often share their catch with others to enjoy. 

After hearing about the catch and the trip, I wanted to be sure I had some info on where to begin preparing this fish for dinner.

So I asked one of them for a recipe.  By complete chance, I was referred to one from a blogger I read regularly.  Hank Shaw of Hunter Angler Gardener Cook.  Only this recipe came from About.com's Fish and Seafood Cooking section. And I didn't immediately make the connection. 

So, although I had "a" recipe in hand and had everything I needed, I decided I should still check Hank's site to see if he had a yellowtail recipe posted.  Maybe, just maybe, I'd find a recipe of his to try. 

Before I could find out if he did, I ended up clicking on a link for a different fish recipe, which took me to About.com to a different recipe posted by Hank Shaw.  Then I thought to look at the recipe I had been given....

Yep, it was also written by Hank Shaw. 

I love when connections like that happen and the world suddenly seems - somehow - smaller.

I've been following Hank's blog for a while but I haven't yet tried to prepare any of his recipes.  Not because I didn't want to.  I just usually don't have the ingredients on hand, or I'm intimidated.  Or both. 

Intimidated or not, I figured the stars had aligned tonight to encourage me to give this recipe a try.

[Please see Hank's site, or the about.com site, for the recipe and preparation directions.  I'll only be posting limited comments on what I was doing (and my pictures) here.]

Salted the fish.

Gathered most of the ingredients. (I used sesame seed oil, because that's what I had on hand)

Put the yellowfin on to cook.

Flipped the fish, and added the marinade.

Plated everything.
Time to eat! :)


  1. So... how did it turn out? Did you get the teriyaki to glaze? Hope so, 'cause it's really good that way!

    Funny you should write this now, because I just got myself some more yellowtail in Baja, Mexico -- first I've had since I wrote that teriyaki recipe. I have many plans for this fish...

  2. Hi Hank,

    Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog and you inspire me to try to cook fish and improve my knife skills (lol). Holly's blog even made me want to hunt (which I've never wanted to do before)! Everything you both write about is fascinating to me.

    As for the fish, it turned out really good, except I overcooked my piece a little. My husband and son liked theirs. I'm really not that good with fish, but I am working on it. Your teriyaki sauce tasted excellent. We loved the flavor! As to whether I got it to glaze properly, I think so?! I am looking forward to practicing with it more.

    I saw your Mexican Fish Fest post :) I commented on the Bonito, Canary Islands Style. I plan to make that tomorrow night with some yellowtail I got yesterday. My boss and a guy I work with love to fish, and they bring us all some of their bounty, when they can. I love hearing the fish stories, even when they don't catch anything! My boss likes to smoke fish too, so I told him what you said about needlefish(?). He's never caught one, but hopefully he'll remember to keep his if he does.