Sunday, June 27, 2010

BBQ Sauces, Mops and Rubs

BBQ Sauces, Mops and Rubs

This project has been on my mind for awhile -- ever since I read "A taxonomy of American barbecue sauces" on

Over the years, I have seen many articles, t.v. shows and books about barbecue, but there was something about Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn's list that I couldn't get out of my head.  I just knew that eventually I wanted to try all of his recipes.  I just couldn't decide where to begin and couldn't get past the "everything" part.  So, a couple of months ago, I decided I'd make a bunch of his sauces/rubs/mops the weekend before July 4th and we'd try some out. 

I guess I would have done it sooner (like Memorial Weekend), but I just didn't have that kind of time (due to studying for the "baby bar" -- which thankfully is now over).  I suppose I could've done them one a time and enjoyed them sooner, but I really just loved the idea of doing them all at the same time and being able to notice the variety of ingredients used.

Also, there are many other recipes as well as a ton of great information on Craig's site.  If you enjoy barbecue, defiinitely check it out.

So this is how my weekend began.  I attemped to gather up everything I might need.

I managed to miss adding horseradish, kosher salt and cayenne pepper to the table for the photo. If I missed anything else, I've now forgotten what they were. 

To keep this post as short as possible, I am going to just post a link to the recipe on Craig's site and a setup/finished picture of each, with minimal comments by me.

I know this post is kind of long, so I thought I'd post a picture of all the sauces/mops and rubs (now jarred) up front. 

Columbia Gold

Kansas City Classic Barbecue Sauce

Grownup Mustard Sauce

East Carolina Kiss & Vinegar Barbecue Sauce & Mop

I forgot to take a finished photo of this one, but you can see it in the "all jarred" up photo :)

Lexington Dip

Texas Barbecue Juice  (I still need to make the Texas Dry Rub/"Big Bad Beef Rub" to go with this one)

Tennessee Hollerin' Whiskey Barbecue Sauce

I took a set up photo of this, but the file was not readable.  I wanted to note that I used Maker's Mark for the bourbon in this recipe.  My husband is a single malt scotch drinker and isn't too fond of bourbon and I simply just don't care for either very much :)  So, I chose to use Maker's Mark because one of my dear friends is a big fan.  I have been concocting a sangria bearing her namesake in my head for months, using - you guessed it - Maker's Mark.  I will have to get that recipe out of my head and onto the table, and serve it with this sauce!

I also wanted to note that after this sauce was finished and I tried it, I thought the flavor was outstanding.  I can't wait to put it on something!  Of all the sauces, this was the one I expected to enjoy the least, but I think it will end up being my favorite one.  I love when that happens!

Big Bob Gibson's White Barbecue Sauce

Meathead's Memphis Dust

Rendezvous-style Rub

Note: For this rub, even after reading the directions in the recipe, I wasn't sure what to do with the whole spices.  So I crushed them all before mixing them together. 


We'll be trying out these sauces, rubs and mops over the next few weeks, and I'm sure I'll do a post or two about how they turn out for us. 

In addition, we plan to barbecue Santa Maria style in the near future, which I'll be writing about.  We were introduced to it a few years ago by our dear friends who live up there.

I love it that there are so many great barbecue styles!

Do you have a favorite?


  1. Cheryl, OMG, you are something else, that was quite a project. I bow to you. Awesome!

  2. Hi Cynthia! It was a very fun project and was just what I needed to unwind. It completely got my mind off of school and pending exam results. Just what the doctor ordered. After I did my post, I realized that I missed making one of the sauces I had planned. It was for shrimp, which I had already bought. So I made that last night, and it was SOO good. If you like roasted red bell peppers and some heat, you'd probably like it too. It is the Bayou Bite recipe at My husband, son and I all loved it! I hope you're doing well. I need to catch up on your blog this week. :))