Monday, June 14, 2010

Lemon and Basil Tart

Lemon and Basil Tart

This tart was made from a recipe in The BloggerAid Cook Book (Changing the Face of Famine), which I learned about on Cynthia's wonderful blog, Tastes Like Home.  You can find a link to the book on her site. 

I purchased this cook book for two reasons.

The most important being that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to the School Meals Program of The United Nations World Food Programme

The second is that the recipes in the book come from bloggers from around the world.  I knew I'd probably get introduced to many new bloggers' recipes, and I was correct.  Each recipe comes with a link address/url to the respective blogger's blog. 

I have perused the book many times and have lost myself several times while reading the notes the bloggers submitted along with their recipes.  I find what they have to say both inspiring and heartwarming.

I have many cookbooks which I love to read from, and some of them I never (or rarely) cook from.  I keep them because they inspire me and I love the stories told in them. 

This is a cookbook I will enjoy reading -- and cooking from.  I currently want to make at least 20 of the recipes in this book! 

My absolute love of all things lemon helped me decide where to start.  That, plus my basil plant is currently doing exceptionally well.

In this recipe, the basil is infused into the water that is used for the filling.

This is my first ever tart.
I messed up the top a bit though.  I made this very late last night and put plastic wrap over the tart to cover it, allowing it to get just a bit too close. 
This flavor was spot on for me, very lemony with just a hint of sweetness.  I used a little more lemon juice than the recipe calls for though, so if you prefer yours not quite so tart, just stick to the recipe and you'll be fine :)

Note: the blogger who submitted this recipe to the cookbook is Solange, who's blog is Pebble Soup.


  1. Imm it looks so delicious!

    best wishes

  2. Thanks, Zuzu, best wishes to you too!

    And thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    This lemon tart was very good! I'm glad that came across in the photo :)

  3. Thanks for buying the book, it is such a good cause. I am really pleased the recipe worked for you, it's always a little scary to create from scratch.