Friday, June 18, 2010

Pickled Onions

Pickled Onions

Sometimes you start out with a particular outcome in mind, and another emerges.  Five days ago, I ended up posting Spiced Pickled Red Pearl Onions because I messed up my Spiced Malt Vinegar by putting too much sugar in it.

What I intended to make are these onions. (Please pardon the glare on the photo - I'll replace it tomorrow with a better one).

Here's a picture of the onions, after they had been in the salted water for 24 hours, and rinsed.
The recipe for the vinegar is the same as that used in my Spiced Malt Vinegar post, except for the amount of sugar used.  This mix used 1/2 cup of sugar instead of a cup.

I had many more onions than I had spiced malt vinegar, so for the last jar, I sliced as many onions as I could fit, and filled the rest of the jar with the last of that vinegar.

For the remainder of the onions, I made another batch of spiced vinegar using cider vinegar as my base instead of malt. All the spices remained the same.
While preparing these onions, I was thinking about many other pickling and/or onion posts others have made, and I thought this would be a good time to share them.

A recipe I intend to make is Roasted Cipollini Onions in Thyme from the White on Rice Couple's site.  I've been dreaming about those onions for a month and a half! 

And then there is Hank's post from Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, "Why Pickle Onions?".  I've yet to have ramps (pickled or otherwise!), but they are on my list of things to try, thanks to his blog.

I've still yet to make do chua from the Tea & Cookies blog. What I want to do is have this on my husband's pulled pork sandwiches with a mustard cabbage slaw.  That's my ultimate food fantasy for the moment, and I'm afraid to think about it too long or it might never happen, right? :)  I'll be so happy if it is half as good as I am thinking it will be!

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