Monday, July 5, 2010

Markin' the 4th with Shannon's Sangria

Markin' the 4th

This post is dedicated to my good friend Shannon, who lives way too far away, and is married to one of my husband's dearest friends.  Even if we live 100 years, I can't imagine finding another couple who my husband and I would get along better with, or miss more, than Shannon and Damien.  Only the 2,000 miles we live from them keeps us from showing up on their deck every night to barbecue, light fireworks and just enjoy every minute of the day together.

Shannon and I usually drink pinot noir when we get together, but she is a fan of Maker's Mark, too.  So, months ago, I decided I had to create a sangria mix using Maker's Mark, in her honor.  There was no better day to do this than the 4th of July.  Her dog Lux loves to chase fireworks and we have fond memories of shooting fireworks off their deck.  So, here it is, Shannon's Sangria. 

Lots of fresh fruits: one cup each - strawberries, golden raspberries, blackberries, and lemon and lime slices.  One bottle of Turning Leaf pinot noir, maker's mark (1/3 cup - it's all we had on hand), triple sec (1/3 cup), raspberry-lemonade concentrate and some ginger ale.

In addition to the sangria, we marked the 4th by the following dinner.

We grilled some chicken and used the Tennessee Hollerin' Whiskey Barbecue Sauce I made last weekend using Maker's Mark.

I also made some pinto beans (canned), flavored with jalepeno peppers (2 chopped with seeds and veins), onions (2 small, diced), bacon ends (1/4 cup) and green bell peppers (2 small, chopped).

We also made an adapted version of La Frutte Grigliate [Basil Infused Fruit Salad] - by grilling two apricots and two plums which were glazed with honey and some lemon juice, which were then tossed in simple syrup infused with basil.  I couldn't get this site to load earlier so I made the recipe based on our memory of it.  We came pretty close.
My dinner. 

The picture doesn't do this one justice -- everything was really good!

We will be making all of these dishes again, to be sure. 

We're already looking forward to having the leftover beans tomorrow with our pulled pork sandwiches. 

Yes! :)


  1. That Sangria looks so good and vibrant! I wonder if I'll be able to find golden raspberries?

  2. Thanks! I was wondering how the picture would come out. I was afraid it would be too dark to see anything inside the glass :) It was very refreshing and lighter than I expected. It was really good, too!

    As for the golden raspberries, I found these at Sprouts, a new market here on the westside. I hadn't seen any this year until this weekend, so they may have them now at the farmers markets and/or somewhere like Whole Foods/Trader Joes? but if you can't find the golden ones, I'm sure the red raspberries will be just as good! :)