Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ciabatta Bread (no recipe)

Welcome to my latest bread making obsession.  Ciabatta!

Several months ago, I bought Paul Hollywood's book, 100 Great Breads.   Since then, I've been making his Ciabatta bread regularly, with much success (meaning the ratio between how much was made versus how much was actually eaten). 

This bread is a complete success in our house!  And that makes me very happy.  There is no fun in spending time making food from scratch only to have no one enjoy it.  

There is no recipe in this post.  But for those who have been trying to make this bread, I have found that once the dough has risen and I'm moving on to putting it onto a flat surface to cut it into four sections, using a generous amount of flour on the flat surface AND on top of the dough prior to cutting helped me immensely!  After the bread is cooked and cooled a little, the excess flour can easily be brushed off (with a pastry brush, etc.)

Prior to cooking, on last rise.
While cooling, after cooking.  Almost time to eat!
Aside from the Ciabatta, I have made the following recipes from Paul's book:
  • White bread, which was a success.
  •  Crusty Cob, which was not a success.  Afterwards, I realized at least one place where I think I went wrong.  I  did not slash the bread deep enough, which didn't allow the bread to fully cook.
  • Scones, which was a success (especially the ones with dates in them).
Also, if anyone hasn't watched The Great British Bake Off (which is where I first heard of Paul Hollywood), I highly recommend it.  I love that show and have watched every episode I can find so far.  Speaking of which, I think I'll go relax, enjoy some Ciabatta and see if I can find any new ones to watch!