A to Z Project

My A to Z Project is where I will be keeping track of the cuisines I cook from different countries.  My plan is to eventually "cook" my way around the world, just to get a glimpse of what it might be like to eat in a particular country. 

My A to Z posts are not to be confused with my other posts where I tag a particular dish "Italian", "Irish", etc.

Afghanistan: Kofta Kebab/Qima Kebab, Bor Pilau and Lentil Soup
Albania - Burek with meat, Courgettes with Tomato, Albanian Salad

The next cuisine I plan to explore is Algerian.  I'm currently looking for a good cookbook and/or additional recipes.  If you have a suggestion one, please feel free to make a suggestion in the comments or contact me at hargraves55 AT hotmail DOT com.